The science of the blueberry

What is it that makes a blueberry healthy?

I wanted to know what exactly the health benefits of blueberries are. So I grabbed my computer and started my research.

Blueberries contain fenol. These organic compounds have antioxidant and inflammatory charachteristics. This means that the blueberry prevents damage to the cells in our body and help with inflammation. Besides that the blueberry also has anti-obesity characteristics. This reduces the amount of glucose and cholesterol. Sounds good right?


How many blueberries do you need to eat to be healthy?

I wish I had the answer! What do I know then? Blueberries are in fact healthy! Please note, they are no magical cure. They have indeed positive effects on our body, but they do not fix all your health problems. Blueberries are mainly a great part of a healthy lifestyle.

Eat away!


Bron: Norberto, S., Silva, S., Meireles, M., Faria, A., Pintado, M., & Calhau, C. (2013). Blueberry anthocyanins in health promotion: A metabolic overview. Journal of Functional Foods5(4), 1518-1528.

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