The science of the red beet

Just beet it! 

We all know by now that beets are healthy! Do you know which health benefits the beet has specifically? No? Well, me neither! In magazines, you often read that beets are good for you, but to me that just sounds like such a general statement. This doesn’t give me much information yet. So, I started looking myself for the specific health benefits of beets. 

The health benefits of the red beet.

I am about to get a bit more technical. Consider yourself warned! What are the supplements you can find in the red beet? The red beet has vitamin C, carotenoids, phenolic acids, flavonoids. Besides that they also contain betalain pigments. Don’t worry, I didn’t know what that meant either. So, I had to search a little further and came to the conclusion that these betalain pigments are responsible for the red colour of the beets. These pigments also show antioxidant traits, works anti-inflammatory and seems to fight chemo cells. This means that they fight aggressive substances that might harm your cells and tissue. That way, they prevent damage and in the long-term possibly cancer and cardiovascular disease. Is that all? Hell no! Red beets also have a positive effect on high blood pressure and fights damage to the cognitive function. Sounds great right?




It is safe to say that the red beet is good for you! It helps reduce high blood pressure, is inflammatory, antioxidant and fights damage to our cognitive function. Does this mean we should all start eating red beets in bulk? No! Even tough the positive traits of beets are proven, this doesn’t necessarily mean they have an extra health benefit if you already take in sufficient antioxidants in your daily diet. If you notice you are not eating healthy and you are possibly receiving too little of these supplements, red beets are ideal to make sure your body is getting enough antioxidants.

Tip: You can make a great summer salad with red beets mixed with apples or maybe a soup with red beets and carrots. Both are quick and easy to make and will make sure you get the supplements you need!

You are un-beet-able! 



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