Pumpkin soup with chickpeas

This is a soup-erb recipe!

This soup is a real vitamin boost, like my mom used to say. The perfect boost after a long, tiring day. Thanks to combining the pumpkin with the chickpeas it is actually a main dish soup. Even though pumpkin is a winter vegetable, I also enjoy it during summer.

Pealing and cutting a pumpkin is quite a time-consuming job. So, I decided to use pre-sliced pumpkin from the freezer. This makes it possible to prepare the recipe in 15 minutes, which is perfect if you don’t have a lot of time to cook.

[ultimate-recipe id=”427″ template=”default”]


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  1. Looks so good!! Nice blog :))


    1. Lissa Verbruggen schreef:

      Oh thank you so much! I like your blog too!! Great photos!


      1. Thank you Lissa :)) You’re very sweet 🙂


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