A burger with red beet

Sun’s out, buns out! 

There is nothing better than a homemade burger to turn a smile on your face. For this recipe I experimented a bit with different flavours. You could say it is not your traditional burger. This burger has some red beet, caramelized apple, walnuts and a honey-mustard sauce.

If you have a sweet tooth, you will definitely like this burger. Both the red beet and the caramelized apple have a sweet taste. Combine that with the strong flavour of the honey-mustard sauce and you get a great balance. The light bitter taste of the walnuts complete the dish. This recipe is also ready in 15 minutes! Who needs time, when you have 15 minute dishes?

Serve the burger with some fries or baked potatoes. I smeared the fries with garlic and oregano and baked them in my airfryer. By doing that the recipe takes another 5 minutes extra time, so I finished it in 20 minutes instead of 15. If you prefer the quick option just bake the fries in the deep fryer.

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My timeframe : 15,17 minutes

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