Malva pudding

Just pudding it out there! 

I have a sweet tooth! Today I wanted to make myself the delicious sweet dessert malva pudding. This dessert is originally from South Africa. They usually eat it after their famous ‘braai’. This is quote similar to what we call a barbecue. 

I came across this recipe while travelling around South Africa. What I was doing in South Africa? Well, I will explain that. My aunt and uncle moved to South Africa in 2004. They started their own Bed and Breakfast. I know, cool right! Since then I often visited them! Ofcourse I use this opportunity to visit and explore this beautiful country. Can you blame me? All the amazing travel stories I will tell you a different time.

Back to my pudding! After visiting a country, I have to tell my family all about it! I usually organize a theme night for my family about the country I visited. So after visiting my aunt and uncle it was time for African night! I made the traditional dish ‘Boboti’ and as dessert we ate ‘malva pudding’. How to make this delicious malva pudding? I will explain that now.

Time to get cooking!

[ultimate-recipe id=”648″ template=”default”]


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