Broccoli oven dish with chorizo

Broc ’n roll! 

To create new recipes, I always start from the thoughts in my head. I will tell you the steps I go through to create a recipe. Step 1 for me is usually coming up with combination in my head. Just thinking about what I think would taste good together. For step 2 I shop the ingredients I need online and usually I come across some other ingredients that I didn’t think of. Sometimes that means I alter the recipe I thought of in step 1. The most important step is step 3. This is the step where I make and taste the recipe. Sometimes it just tastes good, and well sometimes it doesn’t. In case of the latter I start searching for an alternative.

For this recipe I followed the steps I mentioned before. Originally I envisioned this recipe with regular sausage. During shopping, I came across chorizo and this seemed even better. So I altered the recipe. The mustard-lime dressing gives the oven dish the final touch and even more flavour.

Time to cook!

[ultimate-recipe id=”675″ template=”default”]


My timeframe: 15,38 minutes

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