Chicken with popcorn

What’s poppin? 

A recipe with popcorn? That’s right! It may sound weird, but it was surprisingly good! I was approached to enter a competition and create a recipe with soy sauce. It seemed like a great challenge, and so I put my brain to work. What would be a good combination with soy sauce? What complements a salty flavour? That’s when it hit me, popcorn! 
I melted some butter with some soy sauce and added a bit of corn. The popping sound of the corn instantly made me happy. The popcorn tasted as I expected. It had a little salty touch. I wanted to balance the salty flavour with a fresh twist. So, I decided to add pomegranate pits. For me, this created a perfect balance. I want to encourage you to try this recipe and let me know what you think of a recipe with popcorn!!!!

Time to cook!

[ultimate-recipe id=”749″ template=”default”]


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