Turkey schnitzel with tomato and cucumber

Only you hold the tur-key!

It is time for a new 15 minute recipe! After a few cheat days, I felt like having a light and healthy meal. For this recipe I chose to work with just vegetables and poultry. No potatoes? That’s right this time no potatoes, pasta or rice! A delicious piece of turkey schnitzel is served with a fresh salad of tomato, cucumber and mozzarella. After having lived in Portugal for six months, I took over their habit of always adding extra vierge olive oil on top of my vegetables. So sprinkle the tomato and cucumber with olive oil! Of course I also have to season it with salt and pepper! Don’t hold back! Now, enough talking, let’s get down to business!

Time to get cooking!

[ultimate-recipe id=”784″ template=”default”]

My timeframe: 8.54 minutes


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