Spaghetti with pumpkin and horsemeat

It’s pumpkin season!

It is that time of year again! The leafs are falling from the trees, it is getting colder,…that’s right fall season is back! That means it is time for me to share a real fall recipe with you! What is a real fall ingredient? For me, pumpkin automatically pops in my head. You have them in all shapes, sizes and colours. Now, maybe not ALL colours. Considering I am a big pasta lover, I saw my chance to make a delicious spaghetti with pumpkin! I used a traditional pumpkin for this recipe.

I’ll admit I used the frozen, pre-sliced version of the traditional pumpkin. It is so easy if it is just ready to be used. I combined the pumpkin with onion, chickpeas and horsemeat. The horsemeat immediately gives the dish a salty flavour. The best thing about this recipe? You can make it in 15 minutes!

Time to cook!

[ultimate-recipe id=”877″ template=”default”]

My timeframe: 13,47 minutes


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