The science of the red beet

Just beet it! 

We all know by now that beets are healthy! Do you know which health benefits the beet has specifically? No? Well, me neither! In magazines, you often read that beets are good for you, but to me that just sounds like such a general statement. This doesn’t give me much information yet. So, I started looking myself for the specific health benefits of beets.  Read more

The science of the ingrediënt

Food as a part of our lives!

I have always been intriged by food. Nowadays nutrition and food are a big part of our lives. I mean this in a positive but also negative manner. On the one hand focussing on food and ingrediënts mean that we are becoming more aware of what we are eating. We are living healthier lives and food has become a social concept. On the other hand focussing on food and nutrition could mean we start to loose ourselfs in the details and become obsessed with it. Read more