Who am I?

A Belgian girl in her twenties with a busy schedule! Is your agenda, just like me, fully booked? Then you will for sure relate to what I am about to tell you.


I usually come home late from work. That doesn’t leave me a lot of extra time to cook. Don’t get me wrong, I love to cook. That is kind of the frustrating part! I love to cook and I think it is important to make healthy and nutritious meals. So, I decided to make it my mission to find the perfect time-quality balance.


Now, how do I make delicious, nutritious meals without loosing too much time?

Easier said than done, BUT I feel like I found a great method. I search online looking for inspiration for delicious meals. I try to search for recipes that the author says only takes about 30 minutes. Then I try to decrease this time by half by altering the recipe or just making a whole new one. Before I start cooking I always make sure all the ingredients I need are already next to my cooker and are already sliced if necessary. That way I lose almost no time once I am actually cooking. Efficient, right? I also work with a combination of fresh ingredients and prepared ingredients from the freeze. I don’t only do this to save time, but also to prevent food waste. I only cook for two at home so that means that I often have leftovers. If I buy an ingredient in the supermarket, the smallest portions are usually too much for just us two. If I use ingredients from my freezer I only take the amount I need.

I’ll admit it, that’s not the only reason. I also have a busy social life. Not that I’m complaining. This means though that we have to go out for family dinners or restaurant trips with friends and they are often unexpected. My fresh ingredients didn’t take this trips into account so they usually go bad before I was able to use them. Prepared ingredients from the freezer don’t have this problem.

A delicious meal in 15 minutes? It sounds impossible, but it is not!

If you don’t have a lot of time, you usually tend to turn to unhealthy food. Quickly grab some fries or put a pizza in the oven. With this website I try to help you a bit with this problem. Of course this doesn’t mean you can never grab some fries or enjoy a pizza! I mainly hope you get some inspiration from these recipes and that way save a lot of time. The photos of the recipes are made by my lovely sister Sofie Verbruggen. I hope you like her pictures as much as I do. So all credits for these beautiful images go to her!

I feel like I found the perfect balance for myself. I can still cook with love and present healthy meals, but I do not lose too much time so I can still do a lot of other activities.