Flat board pizza with asparagus

You’ve got a pizza my heart!

I know you have waited a long time, but I can finally share the first pizza recipe with you guys! And oh yeah, this pizza is completely vegetarian! This flat board pizza was made with cottage cheese, spring onion, asparagus and of course grated cheese! How did I come up with this recipe? Well, my boyfriend is a big fan of pizza. I personally enjoy a pizza from the pizzeria a lot less. They are too greasy for me and I always tend to feel bad after eating it.  Read more

Chicken with spring onion

Spring onion during fall…

Every week I order my groceries online. Then, I just pick them up at the supermarket at my prefered time. For me, this is perfect! It saves me a lot of time and usually the supermarkets are about to close when I get off work. The downside is that this does go wrong sometimes. How? Well, I tend to look at the title of the product and the image instead of the description with the measure in it. You feel me coming? On the image the product tends to look big.  Read more

Spaghetti with pumpkin and horsemeat

It’s pumpkin season!

It is that time of year again! The leafs are falling from the trees, it is getting colder,…that’s right fall season is back! That means it is time for me to share a real fall recipe with you! What is a real fall ingredient? For me, pumpkin automatically pops in my head. You have them in all shapes, sizes and colours. Now, maybe not ALL colours. Considering I am a big pasta lover, I saw my chance to make a delicious spaghetti with pumpkin! I used a traditional pumpkin for this recipe. Read more

Chicken curry with pineapple

♫ Pen pineapple apple pen! ♫

These lyrics keep going through my head, every time I see a pineapple! Do you also have this? Please tell me I am not the only one! I have always been a big fan of pineapples and love to use them in my recipes! I often made this delicious recipe when I was staying in Portugal for 6 months. You only need some basic ingredients, which makes it easy to make. Besides, it is ready in 15 minutes! Perfect for those busy days! Read more

Sweet potato with minced meat

This is no couch potato!

Personally, I am not a big fan of regular potatoes. If I am cooking at home, I don’t include potatoes in my recipes. Nevertheless, I love the sweet potato!! Preparing a sweet potato in 15 minutes was actually quite the challenge! I tried to cook/bake it in several ways to see which was the best method. Of course, I took the texture of the potato into account as criteria. Nobody wants a quick but flat potato, right? I ended up grilling the sweet potato for 10 minutes and then I put it for another 5 minutes in the microwave! Tadaaa! Read more

Chicken with popcorn

What’s poppin? 

A recipe with popcorn? That’s right! It may sound weird, but it was surprisingly good! I was approached to enter a competition and create a recipe with soy sauce. It seemed like a great challenge, and so I put my brain to work. What would be a good combination with soy sauce? What complements a salty flavour? That’s when it hit me, popcorn!  Read more

Scrambled spinach egg with salad

I am so egg-cited! 

The summer is coming to an end. Boo, right! That’s not really great news! I love summer and the warm temperatures! I notice that I have a lot more energy if the sun is shining! So, you could say that winter isn’t a great prospect for me. This post is starting to become a little depressing, right? So, let’s focus on the positive and relive the summer through this great recipe. Read more

A burger with red beet

Sun’s out, buns out! 

There is nothing better than a homemade burger to turn a smile on your face. For this recipe I experimented a bit with different flavours. You could say it is not your traditional burger. This burger has some red beet, caramelized apple, walnuts and a honey-mustard sauce.

Read more

Noodles with shrimps

Noodle time! 

Let’s spice things up! Do you like spicy food? In that case, you will definitely enjoy this recipe. I, myself, am a huge fan of spicy food! Please note, don’t ever say this in Thailand. I made that mistake once and guess what, the definition of ‘spicy’ has different meanings in different countries. Read more