Toast to the fourth power

A toast to a great lunch!

Lunch inspiration is one of my biggest struggles. I often don’t know what to eat for lunch. That means that I usually leave for work with no lunch. Ofcourse I have to eat at noon! Lucky for me there is a supermarket next to the company where I work. Well, I am not sure I’d call that lucky anymore. That is probably the reason I am too lazy to pack myself a lunch at home. I just go to the supermarket and get myself a prepared meal, salad or wrap. This is quite the cost. Making my lunch at home would save me a lot of money. So, I decided it was about time I would tackle this situation and came up with some easy and delicious lunch options!

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Noodles with shrimps

Noodle time! 

Let’s spice things up! Do you like spicy food? In that case, you will definitely enjoy this recipe. I, myself, am a huge fan of spicy food! Please note, don’t ever say this in Thailand. I made that mistake once and guess what, the definition of ‘spicy’ has different meanings in different countries. Read more