FOODHACK: Separating eggs

A bit of history…

Most of you already know that I am always busy. Having little time left to cook was one of my biggest struggles. I made it my mission to be able to cook a delicious and healthy meal in the shortest amount of time. I started cooking more efficiently and searched for recipes that didn’t take a lot of time to cook. That is how I got the idea to start my foodblog with recipes that you can make in 15 minutes!  Read more

Pad Thai with chicken

Thai and stop me!

I became a big fan of the Thai cuisine when I was travelling through Thailand. My ‘all-time-favourite’ dish are the authentic curries from Thailand. The absolute favorite Thai dish of my boyfriend on the other hand is the well-known Pad Thai. I know he will be very happy when I serve this dish tonight. I discovered that Pad Thai is actually a very easy and quick recipe to make. Read more