Flat board pizza with asparagus

You’ve got a pizza my heart!

I know you have waited a long time, but I can finally share the first pizza recipe with you guys! And oh yeah, this pizza is completely vegetarian! This flat board pizza was made with cottage cheese, spring onion, asparagus and of course grated cheese! How did I come up with this recipe? Well, my boyfriend is a big fan of pizza. I personally enjoy a pizza from the pizzeria a lot less. They are too greasy for me and I always tend to feel bad after eating it.  Read more

Chicken with spring onion

Spring onion during fall…

Every week I order my groceries online. Then, I just pick them up at the supermarket at my prefered time. For me, this is perfect! It saves me a lot of time and usually the supermarkets are about to close when I get off work. The downside is that this does go wrong sometimes. How? Well, I tend to look at the title of the product and the image instead of the description with the measure in it. You feel me coming? On the image the product tends to look big.  Read more