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For Mijn Snelle Hap it is important to be cautious with the personal information you trust us with. With our privacy policy we want to inform you about the data we collect from you. This way, you have all the information and are able to choose yourself whether you would like to use the website and in that way provide us with personal information. This privacy policy is exclusively applicable on If you visit other links via our website, other privacy rules may apply.

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By using Mijn Snelle Hap, you accept this privacy policy and aggree automatically with the processing of your personal information as mentioned in this privacy policy. The personal information we collect from you, is limited to data you provide us with. When you subscribe to our newsletter, when you contact us through the contact form or when you leave a reaction on a blogpost, we collect data that might contain personal information. This information is actively gathered by asking you specific questions and giving you the opportunity to directly communicate with us. Providing certain data may be a condition to enjoy certain benefits or to take part in certain activities. Please note that by leaving a reaction on a blogpost, the name you fill in will be publicly visible. All other personal information provided by subscribing to our newsletter, leaving a comment or contacting us through the contact form is only visible to the administrator of Mijn Snelle Hap. You are able to unsubscribe for the newsletter or file a request to delete your comment at any given time.

We constantly want to improve our website to make the time you spend on it as pleasant as possible. When you navigate through our website, certain information might be gathered passively by different internet technologies like IP-addresses, cookies, browser information, navigation data, without you actively providing us with this information. An IP-adres is a unique and identifying number that is assigned to each and every computer that is connected to the internet. Generally, it is assumed that an IP-address does not contain any personal information because it often changes when you connect to the internet and it is not bound to a computer of a certain user. We use your IP-address to gather statistical information, to determine the fastest connection between your computer and our website, and to manage and improve our website. Your IP-address is logged in certain cases by the server because of safety reasons. A cookie is a small text file that by a certain webserver through your webbrowser is saved on your computer during your online visit. It containts information provided by you (like for example preferences or emailaddress) which technically can only be read by the site who made them. We use both temporary cookies (“session cookies”) which are removed the moment you leave the webbrowser or shut down your computer, as permanent cookies (“persistent cookies”) which are saved on the hard drive of your computer unless you remove them. Session cookies are used to improve navigation on the website and to gather global statistical information. Persistent cookies are used to among other things to recall previous gathered information (like passwords or forms), to figure out which parts of the website a user finds most valuable and to adjust the website to your preferences. For more information conserning cookies we refer you to : You can set up your browser in such a way that it informs you when cookies are being placed or that cookies will be deleted. The rejection of cookies can technically lead to a constraint of functionality.

On our website social plug-ins might be processed (for example the social media share buttons and Instagram Feed on the website). When you, during your use of our website,  open a page that contains these social plugins, a direct connection is made with the servers of these social media sites. Information about your use of our online services (for example a visit to our website) can be passed on to this social network site and can be linked to your user account. Even when you are not a member of these social network sites it is possible that your IP-address is passed on and saved there. Only the social network sites determine which information is passed on and saved through these plugins, how this information is used and how long it is saved. For more information regarding protecting your data of the social network sites we advice you to check the websites of this social media.

Mijn Snelle Hap can contain links or referrals to other sites of third parties. When you use these, you are leaving our website. Our privacy policy does not apply on these other websites. For the linked websites of third parties other arrangements concerning data protection and liability apply. When you visit a website, you are advised to read the privacy policy of this specific website.

By using our website you are giving us permition to use the by you provided information to improve our website, alter it concerning your preferences, (at your request) gather information for our marketing- and research activities and for other purposes mentioned in this privacy policy. Your personal information will not be passed on to third parties. Besides that, we are able to use, in any way, all non-personal that is gathered through this website.

Your personal information will only be used within the legal framework and based on your consent. To protect sensitive information from unauthorized access by third parties we offer the possibility to transfer these data coded through SSL encription (Secure Sockets Layer).

In case of a change of this privacy policy a revised version will be placed on this website. Your data is yours! That means that you can ask us to delete or alter your personal information from our data file. You simply send us an email to to inform us. For full transparancy, you can find an overview of all plug-ins that might collect personal data on our website.

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In case you don’t want to recieve advertisement based on your surf behaviour, like the one from Google, you can change your settings of the Google Ads Preferences Manager ( Google advises to install the Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on.

Finally, we would like to give you a clear overview of the personal information that we gather.


Mijn Snelle Hap preserves the right to change the privacy policy at any moment in time. It is advised to check the privacy policy regurarly.