Chicken curry with pineapple

♫ Pen pineapple apple pen! ♫ These lyrics keep going through my head, every time I see a pineapple! Do you also have this? Please tell me I am not the only one! I have always been a big fan of pineapples and love to use them in my recipes! I often made this delicious…

Pad Thai with chicken

Thai and stop me! I became a big fan of the Thai cuisine when I was travelling through Thailand. My ‘all-time-favourite’ dish are the authentic curries from Thailand. The absolute favorite Thai dish of my boyfriend on the other hand is the well-known Pad Thai. I know he will be very happy when I serve…

Chicken with popcorn

What’s poppin?  A recipe with popcorn? That’s right! It may sound weird, but it was surprisingly good! I was approached to enter a competition and create a recipe with soy sauce. It seemed like a great challenge, and so I put my brain to work. What would be a good combination with soy sauce? What…

Sweet and sour chicken with passion fruit

It’s a passion! The dish ‘sweet and sour chicken’ you probably know from take-away chinese food. I always take this dish if we are going out to eat Chinese. Even tough I am a big fan of the original recipe, I wanted to try something new. I decided to work with peaches and passion fruit…

Chicken with pesto

Back with pesto! So far, I haven’t made any recipe with pesto. Outrageous, I know! Today I will change that. I have a great recipe for you guys and oh yeah it contains pesto! This recipe is one of my personal favourites. Easy, quick and delicious!

Vol-au-vent with fries

Olee Videe ! It is about time I presented a traditional Belgium dish! Whether you call it videe, vol-au-vent or koninginnenhapje, we all know it in Belgium. This recipe usually take a lot of time and effort.

Chicken with mangetout peas

Are you also a fan of the Asian cuisine? Get your cooking supplies because today we are making chicken with mangetout peas! You may wonder how I became such a fan of the Asian cuisine? I came across the Asian cuisine when I was traveling through Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand.